Our Story

Throughout our many years in the Direct Response Industry, we have produced numerous successful Direct Response Marketing Campaigns. As a result, our clients have had merchandise sales in the billions! Our experienced staff, on site studio facility, state of the art production equipment and creative mindset are all geared to making interactive spots and shows work for you. With over 20 years in the Direct Response business, Derek Schwartz and his team have written, produced and directed hundreds of different DR spots and infomercial shows. Our programs have received international recognition and awards by industry trade members all around the world.
The Schwartz Group is able to execute every detail of your production in-house with it’s own studio, cameras, lighting gear, sound equipment editing system and marketing staff. Plus we’ve done it all and in a variety of categories including Food, Tools, Automotive, Cleaning, Pet, Health, Beauty, Fitness & more. As a leader in the industry we approach every product as a opportunity and thoroughly research the category, demonstrate your item, develop it’s targeted position, shoot in a high quality environment, create a compelling offer and communicate the entire campaign, like it’s never been done before. This will separate you from the pack and lead to sales. The Schwartz Group represents many leading brands, major marketing companies, advertising agencies, media companies, individual entrepreneurs, inventors from around the globe and more to provide all aspects of television marketing and production for each project, including:
  • Production & Marketing
  • Product Design & Development
  • Product Name & Trademarking
  • Offer Development
  • Product Research & Demonstrations
  • Celebrity Casting
  • Product Research & Demonstrations
  • Upsell Positionals
  • Logo Design
  • Retail Packaging
  • And More…