Our #1 Goal is Driving Success for our Clients


Bau Riales

Direct Response Host
“Derek Schwartz creates and produces Infomercials and Spots with a passion that is unrivaled in our business. He claws and digs out a great script, directs every second of shooting, then brings home commercials that have caused millions of people worldwide to reach for their credit cards! I’ll say it even more plainly, if you want it right, call the Schwartz Group.”


Joe Campenelli

Direct Response Host
“The Schwartz Group uses extensive marketing and production experience to methodically position products and shoot commercials that generate maximum impact with the targeted customer base. Their dedication to their craft has resulted in us having numerous winning promotions and successful products over the years. The Schwartz Group simply produces spots that sell.”

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Marc Gill

QVC On-Air Vendor / Infomercial Host
The team is always prepared and  meticulous in the process of ensuring an amazing looking end result. Whether you are talent, a vendor, or someone looking to entrust your product to a group dedicated to doing everything necessary to give your item the best chance to shine, you would be very well served to invite The Schwartz Group into your project!”

Cathy Mitchell

Direct Response Host
“The Schwartz Group is the “dream team” of infomercial production. A pleasure to work with and able to deliver “Dream come true” results!”

Michael Antino Jr.

President & CEO
“Working with the Schwartz Group on a business and personal level is always a pleasure. They bring to the table a level of creativity and DRTV experience that is unparalleled. Their dedication to success is shown through their availability and commitment to us as a client and as a friend.”

Martin Levy

VP Sales & Marketing
Schwartz Group, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the excellent service that you provided to Stay Focused Marketing Group. It was a pleasure to work with such professionals. Your production company is nothing less than first class, from beginning till end. All of our shoots ran smoothly, and your cast of many always a pleasure to work with. Our “Pasta n More” and now re-named “Pasta Boat”, has been a successful project, as well as our “Orgreenic” Pots and Pans.  The set that you built for “Orgreenic” was exceptional!   Your commitment to our projects have been far beyond our expectations from beginning to end, and it has been a pleasure to work with you. On both a professional and a personal level, I have really appreciated the time that we spent at your studio. I certainly learned a lot about directing a project while watching you and your team perform. Again, thanks so much for providing such support and service to us and looking forward to our next production.