Staff Bios

Derek Schwartz

Marketing Director
Marketing Director with over twenty-two years in Direct Response Marketing, Derek has created and produced close to 100 successful campaigns. His thorough knowledge of marketing and targeted product positioning has allowed him to create dramatic demonstrations, urgent call to actions and memorable copy points in the interactive direct response industry; like, “It’s lighting fast with just one pass,” and “if you can turn a door knob you can use Perfect Pancake.” Derek has written and produced many successful long form award winning thirty-minute shows such as Orgreenic Cookware, Iron Quick System, Instant Fisherman, Fat Free Express, Motor up, and more. Short Form successes include – Perfect Brownie, BigTop Cupcake, SliceOmatic, Wow storage containers, Wagner Power Painter, Pasta Boat, Perfect Pancake, Pasta Pro, Gator Grip, Halftime Drill, Auto Hammer and many more. As the consumer television environment changes, Derek continues to reinvent his work. His current spots and shows continue to produce results and he continues to make winners for his clients each year. His creative ability is one of the best our industry has ever seen and heard.

Steve Berlowski

Direct Response Producer

Rosemead Steve has worked more than 20+ years in Direct Response, Marketing, and Advertising as a coveted writer, producer, and director for countless successful spots and shows. His ability to develop powerful ideas and execute projects from creative through to completion comes from his extensive experience in all areas of television including the new frontiers of digital and on-line media platforms.

With a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communications from Marquette University Steve prides himself on making sure everything he produces reflects the quality, creativity, and marketing here at The Schwartz Group.  

Erin Mayros

Direct Response Producer
While earning her Master of Arts Degree in Communication and Media Studies from Florida Atlantic University, Erin discovered her passion for producing.  From there she honed her craft through her work in live sports production, commercial shoots, and promotional videos.  Now with a decade of experience behind her, Erin brings her diversified background and fresh outlook to the direct response industry.  Serving as a Direct Response Producer, Erin is an integral part of The Schwartz Group team lending her creative input during the early stages of script writing to the final stages in the editing room to help maximize the success of our client’s campaigns.

Shane Davidson

Senior Editor
With a degree in Art and Video Production plus 15 years of editing experience, Shane uses this knowledge to communicate a clear, hard selling Direct Response message. While editing nationally syndicated documentaries, Shane has been awarded with many nominations and accolades for his achievements including Freddie, Telly and other awards. His thorough understanding of technical editing systems and creative approach has allowed him to become a master editor of short form spots and long form shows. Each interactive marketing campaign is given it’s own unique characteristics, to enhance every products strongest qualities. Shane oversees all post production aspects of our programs, which include: 3-D animation, custom graphics, music and sound design, transitions, tag development, logo design and more. As a very creative individual and respected member of our team, Shane contributes in both our pre-production and production stages of each and every project.

Kris Klodniki

Director of Photography
The belief in the power of expression through art, led Kris to pursue a career in Digital Film & Video Production. As a Graduate of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Film & Video Production, Kris was the recipient of the prestigious Best Portfolio Award; and that was just the beginning for this innovative talent. Kris incorporates colorful and well composed camera angles for each and every shot. His growing knowledge of Direct Response allows him to explore creative video ideas while focusing on capturing effective demonstrations that highlight each item. Kris contributes to every aspect of our location and studio productions here at The Schwartz Group and is an extremely valuable addition to the company team.

Joyce Harrell

Joyce handles all the bookkeeping and accounting for The Schwartz Group. Joyce’s background includes 35+ years in the corporate environment in a management/bookkeeping position. Within that time she was the operations manager for a life insurance agency. During her role she was in charge of the day to day activities for two different South Florida locations, where she was responsible for hiring and training the office staff and worked closely with management and sales representatives. Joyce is a vital part to our team with a close attention to detail and resourceful nature to handle any situation.

Laura Ciffone

Food Stylist
Laura Ciffone has worked with the Schwartz Group for over 15 years and has been Florida’s preeminent Food Stylist for the past 22 years. She consistently, responsibly and artistically creates food in fast paced team environments. In addition to her styling, Laura creates cook books and tests recipes for a number of our projects. We work exclusively with Laura as our food stylist and enjoy every opportunity we get to bring her on set. Laura’s work can be viewed in many of our commercials like Orgreenic, Big City Slider Station, and Big Top Donut and Many, many more. For more examples of Laura’s work please go to

Randy Douglass

Douglas Illustration began producing graphic design, technical illustrations, and airbrush art in 1980. In the late 80’s a transition began into digital art and animation. Since that time Douglas Illustration has produced product illustration and animation for many different project including TV commercials; and is our primary contractor for our animation demos.